Week 3 - Digitisation

Throughout week 3 the task was to import and edit our analogue work, through a number of means, to create a body of work that can be revisited and used in other projects. The majority of my time was spent in Photoshop, experimenting with the various features and their outcomes, but I also used another painting programme named “Fire Alpaca”. Though I ultimately did not use this programme to create much of my work it was still useful in helping me get used to using the drawing tablet.

This is one of my pieces from the visualisation task, put through photoshop with the colours inverted and with the “threshold” tool used.

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Week 2 - Visualisation

On the Friday of Week 2 the brief instructed that we play with sensory filters. This involved blindfolds, headphones etc as each of us focused representing the perception of the senses we had left. My work, as mentioned in the previous post, focused on the visual and the tactile. 

My attempt to capture the texture of a piece of cloth.

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Week 2 - Communication

On the Thursday of Week 2 the class went out into Glasgow for the day. The focus of the day’s project was to capture, through photography, drawings videos etc, the communications between people through various means. This could be street signs, posters, hand gestures and sign language. 

These studded slabs on the edge of a train platform are to communicate the end of the safe zone of the station platform to the vision impaired.

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Week 2 - Colour Wheel

Week 2 began with a project involving the creation of both analogue and digital colour wheels. The project asked us to create colour wheels by mixing different shades from the primary colours.


Analogue Colour Wheel done with acrylic paint.

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Week 1 - Drawing Project

Week 1’s project involved a series of different briefs which were to encourage everyone back into a particular way of looking at an object and the procedure by which we created our representation of the object.

Render of a Coca-Cola bottle using a pen attached to the
end of a 3 foot stick.

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